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Poster Waggon

Poster sleeves waggon or poster cart in black or white color metal for professional use. Large poster rack storage offers a stable presentation of paper posters, pictures and drawings. The sleeves protect up to 2 x 30 pcs. posters against busy-fingers and dust. Easy usage and storages for posters. Lockable wheels. Can be flat packed

Poster Waggon



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LED Projectors

LED Projectors

Low-cost advertisement gobo dias projector for indoor and outdoor use. Expose direct on street asphalt in front of the shop. Promote products, brand name, logo or campaigns with the new eye-catching, creative LED Projector for indoor and outdoor use on walls, ceilings, exhibitions, airports, shops restaurants, events etc. Great quality for the low price and very easy to use. Also carrousel for 3 gobo dias images. Option for remote control


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Visual on Both Sides and Stiff for Upright Standing